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Membership in Altrusa International, Inc. is an honor. As Altrusans, members channel their talents to the organizations' community service focus and experience opportunities for professional growth, leadership development and that special camaraderie that comes when peers share common goals and rewards. A member who freely shares knowledge, experience and talent in Altrusa finds the dimensions of life richly expanded.

If you are interested attending one of our regular meetings and learning more about Altrusa International, Inc. of DFW, see our home page for details.


$125 Annually (covers Club, District and International Dues)

$135 New Member (includes set up fee) 

Altrusa DFW Member Responsibilities: Expect the most from membership by making a firm commitment to it. Attend meetings regularly and take an active part. It is the fellowship experienced at meetings and the working together in service that brings full value to Altrusa membership.
Participate in club service projects whenever possible. Our goal is to have each member participate in a service project at least quarterly.
Accept committee assignments and be willing to assume top leadership roles in the club, District and International when invited.
Be supportive of club officers and committee chairs so that they can fulfill their required assignments.
Develop new ideas for the club that can add to the impact of meetings, service projects and the club as a whole.
Enjoy being a member and don’t hesitate to share a sense of humor. It makes membership a relaxing, enjoyable activity.
Benefits of Membership:
Lasting friendships and a spirit of fellowship
The opportunity to use your time and talents to enrich the lives of others as you work on service projects of lasting benefit
Personal contacts that evolves when business and professional people meet and work together toward common goals
Leadership development as you assume positions of responsibility in your club, or serve at the district and international levels.
The satisfaction that comes from being involved in activities that will make your community a better place to live
Be a "Leader in Service", become an Altrusan.
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